Day 29 – one big fat 5km

Took part in the virtual 5km via the Fat Girl’s guide to running!

Not particularly fast but good little run out.


Day 30 – … And I’m done!

Well I finished #juneathon with a flourish – or should that be a shimmy!
Zumba class today. Took it easy due to the knee but am glad I went as it is so uplifting.

I’ve enjoyed this month – It’s been a challenge but one that has made me dig deep and find a bit a determination to do as much exercise as possible. My only disappointment is that I didn’t manage every day. But it is more than what I did in Jan-May this year!

Total juneathon miles – approx 73
Total zumba classes – 4

Well done to all juneathoners . See you all in January!


Day 28 – a day at the fat girls run clinic

I spent the past two days resting my knee so I could fully enjoy and participate in today’s fat girls running clinic

I am so glad I did! It was a fantastic day which I walked out of thinking ‘I can do anything’ and not even just running related. It was day about giving confidence, learn some running techniques and to empower plus sized ladies. I think Julie (@fattymustrun) succeeded!

We ran around Olympic park – which I’ve not been round before, so I got to see what everyone else saw in 2012. What a fabulous area to run round.



We then went into the Copperbox and met Jade Johnson (long jump Olympian). A very nice lady!


What I enjoyed most, was that the day was aimed at all of us – no matter of pace or running experience, we could all fully participate. No one was left behind, so I don’t think anyone felt excluded

Running wise, we ran approx 5km in the first part of the day. The afternoon was interval running and playing games.

I was worried about wearing my ‘too fat to run?’ T-shirt – especially as there was a festival going on in the park, but we drew a few looks and a few ‘good on you’s and ‘well done’s. The bright colours did stand out and made a positive impact in my opinion.

Overall, today was a positive experience, and one that actually made me enjoy running today! If you can get to one of these clinics, then I thoroughly recommend it!

Juneathon miles: approx 70 miles


Days 26 & 27 – injury 😞

No running yesterday or today as I seem to have done something to my knee. Sharp shooting pains behind the knee. Tomorrow I am off to the fat girls run clinic – am looking forward to it – even if it means walking behind everyone due to my damn knee!


Day 24 & 25 – not long to go

…. that is my thought each day as I run!

Both days I couldn’t get myself out of bed, so have had to do a short run of just under three miles both days . Today was especially hard – I think in feeling the plank and tricep challenge as well as taking stairs at work took its toll.

Total juneathon mileage is – 66miles

Really want to hit the 80 mile mark this month and figure I should reach this if I keep on with the 3 mile runs for next few days!


Day 23 – new challenges!

I’ve been unable to run or go zumba today as the Hubby has been golfing and is not due back until 8.30ish, so no one to look after my son while I do a quick dash!

As I want to make the most of the last week of juneathon, I’ve decided to take on the plank challenge and the tricep challenge. Day one of these done today – plus day one of the kinetic revolution! Missing my running – need to hit 80 mile mark for the month by this time next week – it’s going to be tough but I’ll do it!


Juneathon days 20,21,22 – Parklife!

I’ve been really slack in more ways than one – no jogging again on Friday and no blogging.

I have tried to make up for it though this weekend

Day 21 – parkrun day!
Made it to Bromley Parkrun on what was a glorious morning. A solid run – my fastest parkrun of the year. I like watching the steady steam of people walking from one end of the park to get to the start.


That was 5km on day 21

Day 22 – Race for life day.

Today I did 10km round Crystal Palace Park for cancer research with my sister, cousins, aunts and nieces. This is a cause close to our heart – particularly when my aunt said it was two years ago today that she had to have her first chemo. It added further significance to the day and makes you realise how important it is to do research so people can have the chance like my aunt.

Another hot one. Only one of my cousins and me did the 10km. My cousin wasn’t confident of being able to get round, so we walked and ran but we definitely worked up a sweat!

We were all elated to complete as you can see from the photo



All in all a fun and fulfilling day with my family completed with a post run meal down the pub!

Total juneathon miles – 60.4